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Tech Blog of Mine I am a 36 years old architect and created this blog to share my interests with the rest of the world. I am hoping Read More

Photo Journey from fertilization to birth by Lennart Nilsson

Lets start our photo journey from fertilization to birth with Lennart Nilsson. Professional photographer Lennart Nilsson spent 10 years to prepare this collection of embryo photos showing stages Read More

Smart pizza table concept from Pizza Hut

Smart pizza table or interactive pizza table or whatever you call it. Even i don’t like the pizza’s of Pizza Hut too much, i really loved this idea Read More

iPhone 6 scratch proof screen

Not only scratch resistant but soon iPhone 6 scratch proof screen is coming. iPhone 6 scratch proof screen is not like the other tons of rumors we already did Read More

Create Energy from a Giant DIY Lens by transparent vinyl and water

I am a good YouTube watcher and i learned lots of new and interesting stuff from there. But this one, which i shared the original video below, made Read More

My Favorite TOP 15 Furniture Designs

TOP 15 Furniture Designs from an architects view. Even not a specially interior architect, i am an architect also, and even i don’t design much, i am still Read More