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Driving At Night? ClearView Could Save Your Life

Every now and then a product is created which changes the way we do things forever. ClearView glasses is such a product! The yellow nano anti-blue ray coating which is utilised by ClearView glasses can enhance your driving experience at night or in overcast and foggy conditions. And now you can enjoy 50 % off [Details Below]!

How does the ClearView glasses work?
Aside from looking stylish and being ergonomically designed, there is revolutionary science behind each pair of ClearView glasses. ClearView glasses enhances contrast and depth perception and it’s all down to its ability to block blue light, which improves the sharpness of images at our vision’s periphery.
Night driving made easy
You can make your commute home safer and more pleasant by reducing the glare which is produced by street lamps and oncoming traffic. You can be amazed just how much smoother the driving experience comes with ClearView.

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UV protection
An additional benefit of ClearView glasses is the polarised lenses which provide 100% UVAUVBUVC ray protection in reducing reflected bright light and reducing glare.
It all adds up to a product which is able to improve your determination of surroundings, and consequently, reaction time, giving you an extra safety measure each time you get behind the wheel.

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