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All About the Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Can you guess what the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Would look like?

Concerned that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are a little too small for your hands? Want a smartphone that borders on the comically large? Then the Galaxy Note range is for you, and the Galaxy Note 9 is likely to be the next model released. The phone isn’t official yet, but there has been plenty of talk about its design, specs, and features already. Here’s everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 9.

We know the Galaxy Note 9 will be big, but will it be much different from the Note 8? The latest rumors surrounding the Note 9 suggest it will be a near carbon copy of its predecessor. The leak of a what looks like a promotional image for the phone shows a device very similar to the Galaxy Note 8, based on the wording along the top. Take note of the horizontal camera array, S Pen stylus holder on the base, a headphone jack, a USB Type-C charging port, and a speaker grill.

The phone is blue, while the S Pen stylus is a yellowy-gold — an unusual combination. This may indicate this isn’t a genuine Samsung image, or that it’s final; but it does match the color scheme seen in another leaked teaser image related to the S Pen.

Although before this leak, Android Headlines published what it claimed is a render of the upcoming handset. While we are typically skeptical of renders, Android Headlines claims its from a trusted source and the image matches up with most of the earlier rumors Published.

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An older rumor suggests the Note 9 will come with an additional button on the side. A leaked image of a Note 9 case shows a button cover for a fifth button, close to the bottom of the phone’s right-hand side, below the power button. The addition of the (sadly permanent) Bixby key added a fourth key in last year’s Galaxy phones, but what could this extra button be used for? We are all waiting But  it wouldn’t be a bad bet to assume that this button has some form of camera functionality, and may be used to take photos, and potentially take quick screenshots. Positioned at the bottom-right edge, the button would be perfectly placed to trigger the camera shutter, and would be in line with the increased focus on photography Samsung took with the Galaxy S9 range. Of course, this could just be an early mock-up of a possible Note 9 redesign, but it’s an odd addition if there aren’t at least rumors that an extra key is possible.

The  leaked image shows the phone may cure one of the design issues with the Note 8, and place the fingerprint sensor under the camera lenses rather than alongside. A small change, but one that will make a big difference to its usability, just as it did on the Galaxy S9 Plus. The camera lenses will remain in a horizontal formation, with the fingerprint sensor underneath, and central on the rear panel. The image was published by phone leaker Ice Universe on Twitter, and the same source also posted a mock-up of the Note 9’s potential camera and fingerprint array on Chinese social network Weibo, showing the same design.

Also, Ice Universe stated the only difference between the Note 8 and Note 9’s overall size will be 2mm, making it nearly impossible to notice unless comparing the devices side-by-side. While it’s impossible to verify these claims, Ice Universe has a good track record with Samsung leaks.

Finally, there’s a small chance Samsung may be planning on an even bigger design change this year. In a surprising statement, D.J. Koh, Samsung’s president of mobile, said the 2018 Note phone may have a foldable design, provided it could overcome various technical hurdles. He didn’t elaborate further. Lets keep our fingers crossed and wait for the release date and availability.

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