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All about Microsoft Surface Go


The Microsoft Surface Go features a 10-inch screen, integrated kickstand, Windows 10, and a similar design to the Surface Pro, and starts at $399. Which is available for preorder starting July 10th and will start shipping in August.

The Surface Go doesn’t change Microsoft’s Surface design philosophy one bit — it really just looks like a smaller version of the Surface Pro design that’s been around since 2014’s Surface Pro 3. It has a 3:2 aspect ratio display (1800 x 1200 pixel resolution), the signature built-in kickstand with unlimited positions, a front-facing camera with facial recognition login, and Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Connector port for charging and connecting to a desktop dock. Microsoft has added a USB-C 3.1 port, capable of charging the tablet or outputting video and data to external devices. It has also rounded the corners a bit compared to the latest Surface Pro, but overall, it’s the same familiar magnesium design Surface users have come to expect.

The Go’s 3:2 touchscreen should make it easy to use in landscape mode for productivity work, and it supports all of the split-screen and multitasking modes available in Windows 10. It will be a little more awkward to use in portrait orientation than the iPad, but it’s still better than tablets with extra-wide 16:9 displays. The Surface Go weighs 1.15 lbs, which is a little heavier than the iPad and about half a pound lighter than the Surface Pro. Like the Pro, the Go has rather large bezels surrounding the screen, which seem even larger with the Go’s smaller display. The bezels do provide a place to hold the tablet and allow for a wider keyboard attachment, but they also make it look much more dated compared to the latest versions of the iPad.

List of the prices for the Surface Go;

4 GB RAM, 64 GB eMMC, Wi-Fi: $399

8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, Wi-Fi: $549

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Surface Go Type Cover (black): $99

Surface Go Signature Type Cover (Alcantara®, red, blue, or silver): $129

Surface Mobile Mouse: $34.99

Surface Pen: $99

Also like the Surface Pro, the Surface Go has an optional keyboard cover (available in four colors), and works with the optional Surface Pen. Microsoft says the Surface Go Signature Type Cover provides “laptop-class typing” with a scissor key mechanism and 1mm of key travel. The trackpad is actually larger than the trackpad on the current Type Cover for the Surface Pro. Adding the keyboard will bump the price of the Go up $99 or $129, depending on color, while the Pen will add another $99. Rounding out the accessories is the new $34.99 Surface Mobile Mouse, an ambidextrous, two-button Bluetooth mouse with scroll wheel. It is available in silver, red, and blue color options to match the keyboard cover and pen. This is a little bit my thing so I would be expecting my order to be delivered in August. For all the Surface Go lover’s… Cheers till August

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